24/7 support line

If you need someone to talk to we are here.We are here if you need assistance and have question

Health and Well Being


Just like with any life style there is healthy and unheathy, but when you are not able to move do to pain. There are lots of things that you can do to help youself stay fit and heathy. our foundaton can help set up a excersize program that can work for you with iteam's in your home or near by gym.

Support Groups/ Community Events

We try and hold a support group in Hamilton,Ontario to get the word out there and spread awareness. 

We are always out in the community, we do lots of events in the summer and are provide feedback and  support

Document Services

There are a lot of document's to fill out when you are looking for help. Let it be for ODSP, CPPD, ADP, or any of the many other group's that offer service's that have hard to fill out form's. 

Personal Services

 The personal service's are always avaiable.and they are thing's like. *Someone to talk to when you are down. *Someone to go to Doctor or Hospital appointment's. *Group's for things like family information on a verity of treatments and support programs in your local area. As well as for suffer's.  *We can also help find caregiver's if required. *We do offer a 24/7 hotline 289-680-8037 

Mobility Services

 We offer service's to help suffer's get the medical equipment that is needed to help improve the quality of life with device's like. *mobility scooter's/power chair's/manual wheel chair's. *toilet seats, shower bar's shower chair's. *cane's, walker's, lift assist reclining chair's, power assisted bed's, heating equipment for portable use due to the nature of the condition. *If possible in home repair's to assistive device's. *Help with finding transportation to and from medical appointment's.