About Us

Mission Statement

Patients helping patients get the help they need.Also  to educate,inform and raise awareness about CRPS/RSD.

Our Objectives

1. Raise Awareness: By doing events to raise awareness

2 Provide Funding:help patients get devices and Medications and support that is needed. By doing Raffles and fundriaser.

3.Support and Advocate: We are here to support people and answer questions that they have as well as hold meetings to help patients

Why we started

We started out of a need,a need for better support,  better advocacy, better knowledge about this debilitating disease.We started after meeting Ian and seeing the struggles that he was facing and I realized that there was not much support or help for people who have this disease

Our Team

Tiffany K.


My name is Tiffany, among my many awards and accomplishments. I have decided to start  the foundation to help other who requires help by conventional needs 

Ian P.


I have had CRPS/RSD type 2 since Nov. 2004. I have personally found a need for more awareness that are not expensive. 

Board Members

Scott H.

Scott  has CRPS and is an amazing advocate for people with CRPS/RSD. He has been working on helping spread more awareness about this debilitating disease. Scott has had CRPS for a few years now and hopes that one day there will be a cure

Laura B.

Laura is our parent advisor. She has a child who has CRPS and she  has Fibromyalgia herself.Laura is a agreat advocate for children with CRPS

Bianca B.

Bianca is a child advisor. She has had CRPS for 2.5 years and is an amazing advocate. Last Year she helped us get over 30 Proclamations naming November 5 2017 CRPS/RSD Awareness day.She is also helping us make items for kids so they can better understand CRPS